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Archive #11 The Monroes – Sad & Blue

PLATEX 5006 – 2005

Sad and Blue? You won’t be after you’ve heard
the Monroes!
The hottest band from Holland since Shocking Blue according to Evert ‘Grunnen Rocks‘ Nijkamp. And he should know. The Monroes know how to rock and how to write a song. Dirty? Yes! Garage? For sure! But always with a lot of SOUL!

Don’t fall in love with the singer. You’ll be the last in a long, long line.

The Monroes are:

Josje Kobes – vocals, guitar
Harry Kingma – double bass, bass guitar
Arnold Nieborg – guitar
Peter Blokzijl – drums

Recorded and mixed by Bert Hadders
At Ouwerkerk Studio
Mastered by Michiel Cornelisse
At Blaisdell studio
Published by Ouwerkerk Muziekuitgeverij

Click the arrow on the right side of the player to download this song.

There is no sleeve for this release. If you have one, please send me a copy: platexrecords[at]gmail.com


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