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Archive #8 Cochon Bleu – Polonaise (mardi gras)

‘PLATEX 5003 – 2005

You can top off a pizza with sauerkraut. But no satisfaction compares to listening to Cochon Bleu’s new single ‘Polonaise (Mardi Gras)’. The best dressed quintet in town slips and slides into wonderful riffs, a powerful drum, and the curious tale of a Polish bride who willingly cooks a heartbreaking meal.
But will the jury approve? Cochon Bleu : Douze points!

Jeroen ‘DE KRAAI’ De Jong: lead vocals, accordion, melodion
Henk ‘DE CLU’ Gubbels: tenor backing vocals, electric guitar, violin
Hette ‘DE PIGGE’ Gubbels: high tenor backing vocals, mandolin
Andre ‘DE DROEZE’ Gubbels: baritone backing vocals, triangle, bass drum
Jose ‘SLOW JOE’ Cutileiro: bass

Recorded at Phil Mills Productions Cryptic Recording
March 2005 By Phil Mills
Mixed by Cochon Bleu & Phil Mills
Mastered at Phil Mills Productions Cryptic Recording by Phil Mills

Click the arrow on the right side of the player to download this song.

Download the sleeve here – platexcochonbleuhoes.pdf


More here -> www.cochonbleu.nl

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