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Archive #13 Mullhouse – Steppin’ stone

PLATEX 5009 – 2005

This tale about a wicked little boy starts out as a ‘normal’ pop song but ends in an aural asylum. Mullhouse is one of those Frisian bands that came to Groningen.
(like Planet Orange, Cochon Bleu and Weekend at Waikiki before them) Groningen is the next big city and has always been a good place to further develop your music.(and your drinking habits) Listening to Mullhouse we hear different influences but there is definitely a unique sound.
Go download ‘m now!

Recorded at Ouwerkerk Studio may-October 2005

Mount Hagen -vocals, piano, guitar
M-art -drums
Hank -guitar
Franke -bass

Recorded and mixed by Bert Hadders
published by Ouwerkerk Muziekuitgeverij
Mastered by Michiel Cornelisse at Blaisdell

Click the arrow on the right side of the player to download this song.

Download the sleeve here –mullhoes.pdf


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