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Bert Hadders en de Nozems – De Coöperoazie

The entire month of september last year, Bert Hadders secluded himself from the city life in Groningen and went to stay at an old abandoned school in swingcity Eerste Exloërmond (pop. 390) in rural Drenthe, close to where he was born. There he wrote ten beautiful songs about the environment where he spent his youth.

To record the album, the three Gubbels brothers from Cochon Bleu, Bonnie Boonstra and Tollak were added as deputy-Nozems.

Bert Hadders guitar, vocals
Wyno Bruinsma guitar, vocals, production, ukelele, percussion
Johan Viswat bass, vocals
Jeroen de Jong piano, organ, accordion, zaagbas, harmonium
Hette Gubbels ukelele, banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Henk Gubbels guitar, vocals, violin, mandolin
Andre Gubbels drums

Sleeve design by Kitty Lolkema, the portrait of Bert Hadders’ great great grandfather Berend Trip was painted by Margriet de Vries.

Visit berthadders.nl for videos, downloads, live shows and more.

Plato Groningen | Evelyn Novacek Hoogezand
Buy at the iTunes store | Buy at Bol.com | Go to www.berthadders.nl


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