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De Fuckups – Stuff

ImageDe Fuckups – Stuff 10″ vinyl
PLATEX 20004½

De Fuckups live up to their name. The first recordings for this album were made at the Pot Sounds studio way back in 2008, but they needed another 3.5 years to finally get it finished and published. What caused this ridiculously long delay? The long discussions the band had about the artistic and social impact of their music and lyrics? Not really. Was it the strenuous creative proces that made them suffer so much they had to resort to alcohol, or the subsequent rehab in a small mountain village in Nepal? Not that either. Did their helicopter crash while they were chasing their manager who ran off with a suitcase full of royalties? No. None of that.
It took them so long because they’re De Fuckups; one guitar player suddenly had a baby and left the band, the guitarist that replaced him broke his spine jumping from a roof, the band felt they needed to make 168 different sleeve designs, the drumsticks broke, the entire band had a bad hair year, the rhythm guitar player had a cardiac arrest, the bass player had a flat tyre, the singer grew a pimple on his elbow, they couldn’t decide what color vinyl to pick, et cetera. You know; the usual shitload of fuck-ups. That’s why it took so long.
And to top it off they had a big party to present the album in december 2011 and waited until may 2012 to send out press releases and post this notice on this website. What a bunch of amateurs!
But then again; punkrock is not about professionalism. Stuff eventually happened and stuff got made, and now it’s up to you to download or buy stuff.
Because it’s good stuff. It’s loud stuff.

Available at the record stores, free download at www.defuckups.com

De Fuckups: Menno – vocals, Nix – drums, Marjan – bass, John & Joris – sologuitar, Tuppus – rhythm guitar.
Special guest Arjan Grooten plays pedal steel on Peacock.
Recorded by Edwin Pot at the Pot Sounds Studio Groningen
Mastered by someone else, I forgot who.

Download the sleeve, made by Menno an Tuppus here.

2 responses

  1. Henk

    Dus eindelijk,neem aan dat ie bij plato ligt dan wel jongens van Hemmes ligt
    downloads klinken goed,maar we gaan natuurlijk voor het echte vinyl

    June 6 2012 at 2:37 PM

  2. Ja Henk, in ieder geval bij Plato. Daar is ie zelfs afgeprijsd van 10 naar 9,99 euro!

    June 6 2012 at 3:21 PM

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