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De Fuckups nu ook op Spotify, Itunes etc.

Tijdens zijn toespraak (live uitgezonden via Radio Garmerwolde) kondigde De Fuckups manager Michael P. Hall aan dat hun muziek nu ook beschikbaar is gemaakt op Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok/Resso, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, en Instagram/Facebook.

Beluister de inspirerende toespraak via Radio Garmerwolde:

Mansell – Just won’t say

This year, summer on the northern hemisphere ends at 16.49 hrs, september 22nd. So that leaves us an ENTIRE WEEK to release the Platex summer hit ‘Just won’t say’ by indierockers Mansell! Right on time! Spot on!

Just about a week ago Platex Records’ co-CEO Bert Hadders was complaining about the lack of a Platex summer hit on our facebook page. Mansell was quick to react, and the next day this song was in the mail! Including a sleeve design!! How’s that for being superefficient and hyperprofessional, heh?

This is how that conversation went:

(it’s in Dutch, of course)

That’s it. I’m squeezing my fat arse in my speedo trunks and I’m off to the beach. This song is not leaving my mp3-player ever again.

Btw, Mansell have also just recorded an awesome, temperamental full-length album that you can listen to on their website: http://www.mansellmusic.nl, and you can also buy it ridiculously cheap -5 euros- at bandcamp: http://mansell.bandcamp.com/album/mansell. But what you really want to do is go to your record store and buy the real thing, because it comes with the coolest cd package evah!

De Fuckups – Stuff

ImageDe Fuckups – Stuff 10″ vinyl
PLATEX 20004½

De Fuckups live up to their name. The first recordings for this album were made at the Pot Sounds studio way back in 2008, but they needed another 3.5 years to finally get it finished and published. What caused this ridiculously long delay? The long discussions the band had about the artistic and social impact of their music and lyrics? Not really. Was it the strenuous creative proces that made them suffer so much they had to resort to alcohol, or the subsequent rehab in a small mountain village in Nepal? Not that either. Did their helicopter crash while they were chasing their manager who ran off with a suitcase full of royalties? No. None of that.
It took them so long because they’re De Fuckups; one guitar player suddenly had a baby and left the band, the guitarist that replaced him broke his spine jumping from a roof, the band felt they needed to make 168 different sleeve designs, the drumsticks broke, the entire band had a bad hair year, the rhythm guitar player had a cardiac arrest, the bass player had a flat tyre, the singer grew a pimple on his elbow, they couldn’t decide what color vinyl to pick, et cetera. You know; the usual shitload of fuck-ups. That’s why it took so long.
And to top it off they had a big party to present the album in december 2011 and waited until may 2012 to send out press releases and post this notice on this website. What a bunch of amateurs!
But then again; punkrock is not about professionalism. Stuff eventually happened and stuff got made, and now it’s up to you to download or buy stuff.
Because it’s good stuff. It’s loud stuff.

Available at the record stores, free download at www.defuckups.com

De Fuckups: Menno – vocals, Nix – drums, Marjan – bass, John & Joris – sologuitar, Tuppus – rhythm guitar.
Special guest Arjan Grooten plays pedal steel on Peacock.
Recorded by Edwin Pot at the Pot Sounds Studio Groningen
Mastered by someone else, I forgot who.

Download the sleeve, made by Menno an Tuppus here.

Dia del Mercado – Rain and Fire trilogy

ImagePLATEX 2012004 / Root & Branch recordings

Travel in the comfort of your own home! From his living room in Groningen, songwriter and guitar player Ruud Slingerland grabs us by the ear and takes us on a trip through the southern states of the USA and Mexico. Dia del Mercado’s Rain and Fire is the soundtrack to an intense roadmovie that hasn’t been made. Yet.

Ruud Slingerland vocals, guitars, banjo, piano, Hammond organ, harmonium,
xylophone, drums and percussion
Aimée Terburg harmony vocals, button accordion, flute
Fons Sluijter cello, double bass
Obed Brinkman trombone
Jehannes Elzinga trumpet

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren

These 4 tracks are taken from the album ‘Seven Years of Dirt’, available on cd-baby and bandcamp.
More info at www.diadelmercado.com

Click on the button on the right side of the player to download these songs.

Download the sleeve here – diadelmercado.pdf
Sleeve made by Ruud Slingerland, original sleeve design by Henk Gruppen.

Bert Hadders en de Nozems – De Coöperoazie

The entire month of september last year, Bert Hadders secluded himself from the city life in Groningen and went to stay at an old abandoned school in swingcity Eerste Exloërmond (pop. 390) in rural Drenthe, close to where he was born. There he wrote ten beautiful songs about the environment where he spent his youth.

To record the album, the three Gubbels brothers from Cochon Bleu, Bonnie Boonstra and Tollak were added as deputy-Nozems.

Bert Hadders guitar, vocals
Wyno Bruinsma guitar, vocals, production, ukelele, percussion
Johan Viswat bass, vocals
Jeroen de Jong piano, organ, accordion, zaagbas, harmonium
Hette Gubbels ukelele, banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Henk Gubbels guitar, vocals, violin, mandolin
Andre Gubbels drums

Sleeve design by Kitty Lolkema, the portrait of Bert Hadders’ great great grandfather Berend Trip was painted by Margriet de Vries.

Visit berthadders.nl for videos, downloads, live shows and more.

Plato Groningen | Evelyn Novacek Hoogezand
Buy at the iTunes store | Buy at Bol.com | Go to www.berthadders.nl

Bert Hadders och punkare – jag Daans dörren

Bert Hadders en de Nozems – Ik daans deur
PLATEX 2011001

Nu när Bert Hadders äntligen har avgått från sin härliga karriär som VD för Platex Records, bestämde vi oss för att ge honom en liten avskedspresent, hans egna virtuella Platex singel.
På fritiden är Bert en medlem i Vändare, en traditionell skandinavisk dansgrupp, och han har alltid varit enivrig samlare av svenska folkmusiken. Så vi skickade Bert Hadders in i studion för att spela in sin egenSvenskt folksång!
Bert gav oss bevis på hans musikaliska professionalism som avslutning “Ik daans Deur” på nolltid, och vårpersonal på Platex Records har också lyckats minska produktionstiden genom att arbeta extra hårt. Så nu,efter bara sex månader, har allt vårt hårda arbete gett resultat och vi stolt presentera denna fantastiska nyacyber singel, precis i tid för …
Bert Hadders födelsedag! Hurra! Grattis Bert!

I eftermiddag kommer det att finnas ett kalas som du alla inbjudna, på Platon skivbutik i Groningen. För att göra det en extra speciell dag för vår födelsedag pojke har Platex A & R människor lyckades få den endaskyhöga upp norra sjökort (för låtar sjungs på svenska språket), där det har fått en respektabel 4: e plats!Kolla in det här.
Extra Special Platex tack till Harry, aka den digitala Magician, för att göra den här sköna klipp:

Återigen: grattis Bert!

Click the arrow on the right side of the player to download this song.

Download the sleeve -made by Tuppus- here – platexberthaddersdaanshoes.pdf