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Archive #9 Planet orange – Ma belle

PLATEX 5004 – 2005

They deceive you into a latin-rock intro, but just when you expect someone to sing “Oye Como Va” the sky clutters and you are sucked into the wonderful world of Planet Orange.
‘Ma Belle’ is an unprecedented chunk of poldersoul in the best of this band’s fashion.

Rolling drums and screaming keys, Dikkie’s characteristic growl and punching guitars over a pumping bass and a trumpet added for good measure.

Don’t miss this. Planet Orange should be on top of the music firmament. Don’t make them wait.

Recorded, mastered and mixed by Caspar Falke at Silvox Studio
Licensed by Silvox Records

Dikkie Visser – vocals, trombone
Thea Visser – piano, cornet
Harm Wierda – organ, synthesizer, guitar
Peter Haze – guitar
Ben Onderstijn – drums
Frits Vogt – Bass

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Download the sleeve here – platex-po-hoes.pdf


Archive #8 Cochon Bleu – Polonaise (mardi gras)

‘PLATEX 5003 – 2005

You can top off a pizza with sauerkraut. But no satisfaction compares to listening to Cochon Bleu’s new single ‘Polonaise (Mardi Gras)’. The best dressed quintet in town slips and slides into wonderful riffs, a powerful drum, and the curious tale of a Polish bride who willingly cooks a heartbreaking meal.
But will the jury approve? Cochon Bleu : Douze points!

Jeroen ‘DE KRAAI’ De Jong: lead vocals, accordion, melodion
Henk ‘DE CLU’ Gubbels: tenor backing vocals, electric guitar, violin
Hette ‘DE PIGGE’ Gubbels: high tenor backing vocals, mandolin
Andre ‘DE DROEZE’ Gubbels: baritone backing vocals, triangle, bass drum
Jose ‘SLOW JOE’ Cutileiro: bass

Recorded at Phil Mills Productions Cryptic Recording
March 2005 By Phil Mills
Mixed by Cochon Bleu & Phil Mills
Mastered at Phil Mills Productions Cryptic Recording by Phil Mills

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Download the sleeve here – platexcochonbleuhoes.pdf


More here -> www.cochonbleu.nl

Archive #7 Onakentona – Let’s go back

PLATEX 5002 – 2005

Despite the subject and the fact that an acoustic piano can be heard on this song, there’s no need for alarm for Onankentona fans: ‘Let’s Go Back’ rocks! Singer Dave van der Bor takes us back to his birthplace Surinam for a nostalgic view on his childhood. Accompanied by drummer Bijlman and bass man Andre Manninghe feedbacks his way through this fantastic song. Why this band isn’t famous yet is the big question.
Go see ‘m live and be convinced: Onakentona Rules!

David van der Bor-guitars – vocals, piano
Bijlman – drums
Andre Manning – bass

Recorded at Ouwerkerk Studio
February, March 2005 By Bert Hadders
Mixed by Bert Hadders & Sieto Kiewiet
Mastered at Blaisdell by Michiel Cornelisse

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Download the sleeve here – platexonakentonahoes.pdf


Archive #6 Baseless – My girl


We were jumping ’round the room all night long, when ‘My Girl’ by Baseless arrived at Platex headquarters. Do they know what they’re doing? This is what makes a real single! Incredible power, catchy hooks and a chorus that nestles in your brain for at least a week. The globe is their home. The four guys of Baseless come from Bulgaria, Brazil, Germany and Holland and found each other on the Utrecht University College campus. They’re still young, and the ceaseless touring that Usually follows being a hit with Platex will soon reveal the great promise Baseless makes.

Gimon de Graaf : Drums
Marcos Leite : Bass
Kiko Nikolov : Guitar
Jeroen van Bommel : Guitar and Vocals

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Download the sleeve here – platexbaselesshoes.pdf


Archive #5 Dr. Max Strammer – Dalli dalli

PLATEX 4004 – 2004

“Jubel, Trubel, Heiterkeit!” Dr. Max Strammer fondly remembers the Tyrolian style adult movies he starred in, during the seventies. The soundtracks to those pictures were ever jolly, good humoured and engaging tunes, so is Dalli, Dalli! Nowadays porn industry doesn’t tickle his fancy anymore: “Keine Lustigkeit, nur Bumsi Bumsi.”

His real name is Holger Vaszlovski(1949). He played leading parts in numerous sex films during the seventies, which came out of the flourishing Bavarian studios of the era. His particular physical features rendered him the nick-name Maxi. Strammer was added later for promotional reasons. He would have kept the job, had it not been for the outbreak of AIDS. Maxi decided it was time for a new turn in life and started in music. He added the ‘Doktor’ to his stage name in honour of his idol, Jamaican star Dr. Alimentado. In the early eighties Dr. Max Strammer had small hits with his particular blend of kraut-reggae, ‘Kaninchen’ reached the German top-twenty and ‘Jah Jah Bum Chah’ even made it to the Italian charts. But his fellow musicians deserted him, and became rock star Nena’s live backing band. The ever good humoured Dr. Max Strammer took his losses with a smile and went back to his native Bremerhaven, where he combines a modest career as a fisherman with the management of his late uncle’s chicken farm. Now he has returned to the music scene. Dr. Max Strammer hits back with a musical gem of great charm. From the country of Bach, Beethoven, Beckenbauer, all the Strausses and Peter Maffay, Platex Records presents Dalli, Dalli!

writtten by H. Wierda, B. Hadders and H. Vaszlovski
recorded Dec 2004 at Ouwerkerk Studio

Mixed byDr. and Tiedo Groeneveld

Vocals………..Dr. Max Strammer
Backing Vocals……….. Busty Bums
Drums…………………… Bert Hadders
Hammond, Strings,
Wurlitzer………………… Harm Wierda
Bass…………………….. Jeroen de Jong

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Download the sleeve here – platexstrammerhoes.pdf


Archive #4 Saro Paradiso – Come in

PLATEX 4005 – 2004

Platex Records proudly presents Saro Paradiso’s first cybersingle.
After a long period as bassplayer for infamous bands like Désert Corbusier, O.D Babe and Kaïn,
Saro quit drinking and started writing and recording his own material.

The result, “Come In”, is a dark and sinister song with an irresistable hook.
Saro’s duet with Inge Huizenga* brings back memories of other great duo’s like Marvin & Tammi, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Menno & Marjan and Saskia & Serge.

‘Come In” is dedicated to the memory of   Saro Paradiso sr.

words & music written and performed by  Saro Paradiso jr.
recorded by Ivan de Groot
november/december 2004 at SP studio
produced by Marie Louise
mastered by Irie Cornelisse at Blaisdell Studio

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Download the sleeve here – platexparadisohoes.pdf


*Inge Huizenga now sings and plays guitar in Garcia Garcia.

Archive #3 Tiedo – Nothing

PLATEX 4003 -2004

“I can listen to Tiedo for hours and hours.”
Billy Potok

‘Nothing’ is a fresh tasty chunk of the improbable talents of Tiedo. The singer/songwriter from Groningen was in last year’s finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland-contest and already released two albums: ‘Soul Jet’ (1999) and ‘Where My Dream Can Take Me’ (2001). Tiedo’s tunes show well layered structures under easy melodies that go straight to the heart after a first listening. He’s not only gifted with a great voice: whenever he sees an instrument he doesn’t already know, it takes less than twenty minutes before he can play it. He doesn’t believe in recording studio’s anymore. Tiedo built his own studio at home, where he can work on his music without outside pressures. He plays all the instruments on ‘Nothing’. He also contributed generously to Billy Potok’s ‘I See All The Colours Of The Rainbow’. ‘Nothing’ may not be the first record released by Tiedo, it surely is his first single and another great tune from the singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/DIY-producer… You name it!


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Download the sleeve here – platextiedohoes.pdf